Now that there’s the iPhone 4S…

What will you do with your iPhone 3, 3G or 4?

The new iPhone 4S will be available for pre-order on October 7 and the first shipments will be delivered on October 12.  What will you do with your “old” iPhone?  There are several options available to those who need to have the newest phone next week.  Several major retailers have implemented trade-in programs for customers to take advantage of…  For consistency’s sake, I looked up what the trade in value for a 16GB iPhone 4 with “Normal” wear and tear.  I’ve highlighted a few options below that I feel are “best bets”….

Major Retailers:

Target – depending on the condition, they will give you “up to $200 per item” in the form of a Target Gift Card.

WalMart – Last month I read in their circular that they would give you a new iPhone 4 for $150 when you traded in your older model iPhone.  Now, they are offering cash for your trade in…  WalMart has partnered with to offer you cash or a gift card for your trade in.  The WalMart site offered me $186 for the iPhone.  I could take payment as WalMart Store Credit or cash.

Verizon Wireless – Verizon will take your AT&T iPhone or Verizon iPhone.  They offered the best price by far…  $280 for the iPhone.  But, of course you have to sign a 2 year contract with Verizon to get that price.

Online Retailers: – on Amazon you can trade in your phone for “store” credit.  They offered $248.50 for “good” condition iPhone.  Not too shabby.  They also offer free shipping for your phone.  Once they receive the phone, you will receive the credit. – they offered $186 with options for payment in the form of an gift card, check or PayPal. – offered $193, slightly better than Gazelle, they will pay shipping to their office and once the item is received they will send you a check. – With Ebay you can set your own price and you will probably get more money than with electronics trade-in programs.  But there is a chance that your phone won’t sell, as well as, describing your phone inaccurately to your buyer which will result in negative feedback and buyer issues. – perhaps the purest form of making a sell on the internet these days.  Free to post your ad, you can set your price as you see fit and then proceed with the sale on the terms set between you and the buyer.

With so many options available on the internet and down your street it’s easy to offset the cost of a new phone and a possible break in contract fees.  Though, these options may seem tempting, don’t forget that “word of mouth” is also a viable option with the reward of bringing you the most money.  Happy Shopping, kids!!  🙂

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