Keep Social and Carry On…

What/Who is Socialty Inc?  What do we do?  What, in the world, does “Keep Social and Carry On” mean??

Hello, world!!  My name is Marina Christos.  I’m mad about media, lover of technology, ex-corporate work bee, gadget geek, travel-a-holic and lover of life!!  I recently started Socialty Inc. to help small businesses get a jump on all the opportunities that social media and social media marketing can bring them.

What does Keep Social and Carry On mean?  Like the old verbiage from the British Government at the beginning of World War II, Keep Calm and Carry On, I wanted a tag line that would convey the just that…  I’ll keep my clients social(“Keep Social”),blogging for them, tweeting for them, Facebook-ing for them, keeping them current for search engines…  Meanwhile, they can “Carry On” with making their business succeed.  I will Facebook, Tweet and blog clear, concise and coherent posts for the world to view.

Keep Social and Carry On, friends!!!

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